If Mother Nature was a fighter, she delivered a 1-2 combo knockout.  The earthquake-tsunami in Japan has wiped out entire neighborhoods, destroyed homes and buildings, washed away airplanes and boats.  Fires still burn amongst the wreckage.  And the death toll continues to rise.  

As if the dual-disaster horror wasn’t enough, the nuclear power plants in the Fukushima district could potentially take this catastrophe from devastating to nearly apocalyptic; the threat of a nuclear meltdown has prompted Japan’s prime minister to issue an evacuation for those living near the factories.


All is not well tonight.   A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake has just rocked Japan, triggering a powerful tsunami that is unleashing the cold gray waters of the Pacific Ocean upon the country’s northeast coast.  Relentless and unforgiving, the waves sweep forward and ascend past the shoreline, rushing toward the city of Sandai and punishing everything in its path.

I’m watching the devastation unfold on CNN, and it’s a sight so apocalyptic and heartbreaking it’s difficult to even begin to conceptualize the grave impact this will have on the world.  For me, my concern is about as close to home as it gets: not only do I have family and friends in Japan, but the earthquake is set to trigger a tsunami here in Hawaii within hours.

News cameras capture the destruction taking its course from every angle.  Entire homes and cars are being swept away as the fierce torrents force their way across land.  The water has darkened to an ugly, murky brown as the tsunami waves collect everything in its path.  

It’s a wretched, rolling flow of debris and sludge.  It reminds me of that Hayao Miyazaki’s film “Spirited Away.”  Remember that Stink Spirit at the beginning of the movie?  It was a filthy, liquefied monster that accumulated everything in its way and sent people running.  That’s what this tsunami looks like.

But this is no movie.  



We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

Thanks for checking out my blog, or as I like to think of it, my personal journalistic stomping grounds.  I decided it was finally time to get my own little slice of real estate on the glittery landscape of the World Wide Web; a place where a few of my ideas and inspirations can call home.  Hopefully, my little virtual dreamworld will be a fun place for visitors to check out from time to time; kind of like an amusement park… except with no lines or cotton-candy stomach aches and everyone rides for free.

I’m at a wonderful place in my life that is full of new beginnings: new job, new apartment, new city.  Seemed appropriate to start a new blog to the help me make sense of all the “newness” I’m diving face-first into.  I’m leaving Hawaii in a couple weeks and relocating to Las Vegas, the fight capital of the world!  After spending two and a half years in beautiful Honolulu, I got a job opportunity that brought me out to Sin City.  I’m looking forward to meeting new people and creating new, amazing experiences and sinking my teeth into the juicy bites of success and happiness that might, just might, be found there.

So, yeah..welcome to my blog.  Remember, this project is much like me: a constant work in progress.  My hope is that I might share something that could somehow inspire, amuse, inform, or entertain you.  Or who knows, maybe it’ll just piss you off…as long as I can make some wheels turn, I’m happy.  No matter what, I’m glad you’re reading along.  Hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride!